24-Hour UL Monitoring

An alarm service certified by Underwriters’ Laboratory, or UL, is the safest and most secure service you’ll find. Action Security Systems, Inc. is proud to provide 24-hour monitoring that has been inspected and certified to carry the UL endorsement. This means our monitoring systems are accepted by regulatory authorities, insurance providers, law enforcement, and government agencies.

What does that certification mean for you? You can be certain that our security equipment and alarm monitoring services will be tested to the highest levels of reliability. In order to maintain the certification, we must demonstrate complete compliance with all industry requirements, as well as the elevated requirements from Underwriters’ Laboratory.

The UL certification also requires ongoing inspections to ensure compliance at all times. This means you can be certain the quality and reliability of your alarm monitoring service will never diminish. This certification applies to fire, medical emergency, and property security alarms.

Action Security Systems, Inc. is proud to provide this, the utmost in security, to all of our clients. Our cutting-edge technology and trained operators ensure that response times are faster, more efficient, and geared to your safety before all else.

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