Burglar Alarms

When the security of your home or business is on the line, you deserve the fastest possible response times. Action Security Systems, Inc. Whether hardwired, wireless, or a hybrid system, our burglar alarms are design and installed with your safety and security in mind.

Burglar alarms have been proven to discourage home and business invasions, often with the first glimpse of a sticker or placard. When thieves do intrude, Action Security Systems, Inc. will know immediately. Our 24-hour operators receive a signal when any of the sensors within your residential or commercial space are triggered.

Sensors can include door, window, glass-breakage, and motion. With a combination of these, you can ensure your entire property is secure at all times. In addition to sensors, your burglar alarm can also include silent hostage alarms and panic alarms. These can be activated by code on the keypad, the press of one button to contact authorities, or a button on your keyfob.

A trained professional will either install the equipment for you or help convert your existing equipment. Any upgrades that must be made for the Action Security Systems, Inc. burglar alarm system to work will be discussed and explained fully before installation. Our service does work with a variety of existing equipment, so upgrades are rarely recommended, unless you simply want top-of-the-line functionality.

You deserve peace of mind. Action Security Systems, Inc. can help.

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