Driveway Alerts

A driveway alert system can notify you when cars or pedestrians enter your property. Action Security Systems, Inc. installs a motion detector at the base of your driveway that sounds a chime inside the house when triggered. This motion detector can also work in other areas of your property, including alley entryways, sidewalks, and any other high-traffic areas.

In addition to a chime, your driveway alert system can include cameras for easy identification. By combining the alert and identification systems, you can always be aware of who is entering or exiting your property.

These driveway alert systems are recommended for residential and commercial use. Our technicians have extensive training from various manufacturers, so you’ll be sure you get the system and service you need for your unique situation. We can activate existing systems, upgrade or replace broken equipment, or install an entirely new system with no trouble.

The driveway alert system gives peace of mind when used on its own. When combined with other security products, however, the alert system can be your very first line of defense. To learn more about our full suite of security alert and alarm products, contact us any time.

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