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 a Video Surveillance Set

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You can never do too much to keep your home or business secure. That’s why a video surveillance set is always a great idea. Capture images of your home or business when you’re away, or just use the system to keep up to date with what’s going on outside.

Action Security is giving away a full surveillance system, complete with a 7-inch monitor and outdoor, infrared, night-vision camera. Anyone within a 100-mile radius of Nashville is eligible to win.

What Will You Win?

  • Set includes IR wireless outdoor camera, monitor, and docking station

  • Outdoor camera offers infrared night vision function

  • Encrypted digital radio transmits video and audio

  • Color monitor with loudspeaker

  • Easy-to-operate touchscreen

  • Mobile and remote access

  • System can include up to three additional cameras

This set comes with everything you need to experience true peace of mind. There are no additional parts or pieces necessary to get started. The camera can be mounted right away, and the wireless system will immediately transmit images to the monitor.

Keep an eye on things while you’re on vacation with your remote monitor. You can also provide images to authorities in the case of a home invasion or vandalism. Recordings are made on an SD card in the monitor. These SD cards can be erased and recorded over or replaced, depending on your needs.

In other words, you’ll always feel secure, so enter today for your chance to win.



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