Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems provide an early warning in the event of a fire—an early warning that could save the lives of your family or staff. Our fire alarm systems use smoke and heat detectors for every size of premises from a small office to a large factory. These systems are available in both conventional and addressable options.

Our fire alarm systems come with a service and maintenance agreement. Your system is fully tested and checked by our experienced fire engineers to ensure it is operating correctly.

Regardless of what type of fire alarm system you choose, it is important to have a fire evacuation procedure and to regularly practice it at your premises. We would be pleased to advise on this or any other aspect of fire safety.

We are Certified BOSCH Dealers (Formerly Radionics)
We are Certified GE Dealers
We are also Factory Certified in

  • Fire-Lite
  • Honeywell
  • DSC

We offer a range of automatic fire alarms and detectors; special detectors; and peripherals for fire prevention, warning, and building evacuation. The latest products include, for example, new multisensor detectors that continually search for fire-specific patterns to prevent false alarms and needless disruption to business.

The FPA-1000 is designed to simplify the process of fire detection and notification in small to midsize applications. Combining several innovative features not offered in other systems of its class, the FPA-1000 sets new standards for ease and reliability, price and performance.

Increased accessibility. Reduced long-term costs. IP-based programming and reporting enable seamless integration into existing IT infrastructure

A convenient approach to managing a fire alarm system. As standard, a built-in web server allows system programming and status viewing from anywhere.

Life-saving functionality that plays by the rules. An industry first, the FPA-1000 alarms for carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases, meeting NFPA 720 requirements.

Ease of use. Features such as a clean, intuitive design; straightforward, menu-driven display; and easy-access keypad simplify maintenance, testing and reporting for users and first responders.

An additional level of safety and efficiency. An extra-large button design allows first responders to operate the keypad control while wearing protective gloves.


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