Action Security Systems, Inc. provides the highest alarm installation standards available in today's market using only the top performing manufacturing suppliers, thus providing you with the benefit of intelligent security that can identify any problems that can occur on your premises.

Whether you are protecting your valuables, family, or business, the most important issue is the quality of the system you install. The best security offers you the peace of mind you deserve.

Action Security Systems, Inc. carries a full line of security and business products to ensure both the safety and the controlled accessibility that your unique requirements demand. Our sales consultants can advise on the most current technology to ensure that your staff and authorized personnel can easily perform their daily duties while keeping your premises and assets protected.

Specialized Products

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is a building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements called subsystems.

Structured cabling falls into six subsystems:

  • Entrance Facilities are where the building interfaces with the outside world.
  • Equipment Rooms host equipment which serve the users inside the building.
  • Telecommunications Rooms house telecommunications equipment that connect the backbone and the horizontal cabling subsystems.
  • Backbone Cabling connects between the entrance facilities, equipment rooms, and telecommunications rooms.
  • Horizontal Cabling connects telecommunications rooms to individual outlets on the floor.
  • Work-Area Components connect end-user equipment to outlets of the horizontal cabling system.

Structured Solutions

This intelligent, unique solution makes appliances and electronics work together to organize and distribute different technologies throughout the home or business by integrating security, home entertainment, computer networking, audio and video, cable and satellite, TV and HVAC. 

  • Hands-free Color Video with PanTilt & Zoom
  • Quick and easy install - Only 2 wires!
  • No handset to pick up
  • Compact, attractive design complements most interiors
  • Hands-free (VOX) or push-to-talk (PTT) communication
  • High-resolution color TFT LCD monitor
  • Includes single N/O door release contact
  • Camera station can be monitored from inside
  • All monitors turn on when camera station calls in
  • Wide-angle camera allows user to view up to 170° of the entire entry
  • Camera view features digital Pan-Tilt and Zoom
  • Entry can be monitored without alerting visitors they are being viewed, even at night
  • Camera position and zoom can be set for call-in
  • Camera can be manually adjusted to compensate for bright illumination
  • Picture memory records up to 240 images (JK-1MED only)

Residential Visitor Entry Systems

  • Up to 8 inside master stations and 8 door station/CCTV camera combinations
  • Confirm visitor identity
  • Room-to-room communication
  • Monitor video from cameras
  • Baby/Room monitoring

Hands-free Selective Call System

  • Intermixable system with any number of masters and subs to maximum capacity
  • Selective calling, monitoring, and optional All Call
  • 3, 5, and 10-call masters
  • Wide variety of master and substations available
  • Push-to-talk at master, hands-free reply at called station
  • Call tone and LED annunciation at master
  • Selective door release (w/ RY-PA per door) on LEF
  • 3L/5/10 Call Masters
  • Video door answering (optional)
  • All Call with LEF-10S and all LEF-C masters (requires BG-10C)

Crystal Clear Choice for Today's Modern Home

The award-winning Whole-House Communications Solutions are the latest in intercom technology. Economically blending advanced and standard features, intercoms feature the unique ability to broadcast music from an MP3, CD, or AM/FM player with astounding clarity, elegant styling, and four different faceplate colors. The DMC1 has an upgrade path to make it a stereo-distributed audio system supporting up to 30 speakers. 

  • Talk to any room or every room with up to 15 room stations
  • Security of talking to visitors before ever opening the door
  • Monitor the safety of babies, kids, and even pets
  • Optional patio and door station allows outdoor communication
  • Mute feature disables station microphone for added privacy
  • Innovative do-not-disturb feature allows complete solitude

Interactive Voice Communication Unit

The CB 2-e is our most popular and cost-effective wall-mounted unit. Available in brushed stainless steel or optional painted steel, it is designed for both interior and exterior applications. The combination Code Blue Beacon/Strobe and the Code Blue CB3100 communication system provides a rugged and reliable solution for the security-conscious customer. The CB 2-e is an excellent choice for parking decks, dorm entrances, hallways, and public transit centers.

Enjoy high-quality audio and video throughout your home.

Make walls come alive with multiple telephone lines, computer networking, high-speed Internet, and video distribution. We have Audio, Video, and Data Solutions to streamline all a modern family needs to keep in touch with each other and the rest of the world. Hidden within walls and enclosures, the only visible component is a multi-access wall plate. plug in for telephone, networking, Internet, or video solutions.

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