Security Tips

You probably don't like to think about crime, but no matter where you live, your income or your lifestyle; crime is a fact of life. That doesn't mean you're defenseless, though. 90% of police believe  alarms deter burglary attempts. 1 Put the following tips into action along with the monitored Action Security Systems, Inc. system to help make your home and business safer and more secure. Keep shrubbery trimmed. Thick shrubbery and trees cover your windows, allowing burglars to work undetected. Plant thorny bushes around windows and walkways. While this might seem obvious, many people forget to lock the house completely. Make sure all doors and windows are locked when you go to bed or leave your house. Install peepholes on all exterior doors. Always ask for identification from repair and service representatives. Never leave them in your home unsupervised. Be sure your address is visible from the street. A visible address is vital in emergency situations. Install easy-to-read and illuminated numbers. Get to know your neighbors as that is the only way for them to have a chance of noticing anything suspicious. Never share personal information with people you don't trust and be careful who might be listening when you talk in public. Often times, burglars will target the elderly, so be friendly & keep a watchful eye out for your elderly neighbors.

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