Service or Upgrade your Equipment

Upgrades to Security System

Whether you’re a current Action Security Systems, Inc. client or considering a change, service and upgrades to your current system are important. Even a quick checkup to determine that everything is working properly could mean the difference between your safety and losing everything.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your system, make an appointment for a technician to visit your home or place of business immediately. Action Security Systems, Inc. will perform a diagnostic test and verify that each individual component is functional. After testing the equipment, we’ll also verify the connection between your equipment and the monitoring center works properly.

Equipment Upgrades

During the inspection of your equipment, you may determine an upgrade is necessary. Because Action Security Systems, Inc. always has the latest in equipment and technology, we can replace any outdated equipment with ease. This might include cellular connections, text updates, video monitoring, or even just a new keypad.

Believe it or not, your current equipment may be obsolete after just a few short years. While you may feel that your company and home are protected, you could be vulnerable to invasion, fire, or other emergencies. Consider upgrading your equipment if you have any doubts.

Security Expansion or Relocation

Adding a new wing to your home? Acquiring more square footage for your commercial space? Action Security Systems, Inc. uses equipment that can easily expand to larger spaces. Add more cameras, contact detectors, motion detectors, and keypads to keep all areas of your home or business safe and secure.

Action Security Systems, Inc. is dedicated to your security. We’ll work with your current equipment or suggest necessary upgrades as we inspect your system. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.

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