Support Questions

Action Security Systems, Inc. has been in the business of protecting property and lives for more than 30 years. Our goal is to provide you with the “Only Security Company You Will Ever Need.” We provide 24/7 monitoring support for alarm systems 365 days a year.

We have compiled the most commenly asked question a person may have regarding home inventory listings. If you do not find your questions answered here please contact us.

Does my company/premises need a Video Surveillance System?

Any company that wants to protect inventory, intellectual property, special equipment, or personnel, needs an access control system.

We offer a wide variety of custom surveillance systems to fit any of our customers needs.

Digital Recorders:

a) Monitor remote locations anytime, anywhere.
b) View live or recorded video on PC's, PDA's, and cell phones.
c) Burn a DVD of any image recorded.

Does your company or premises need Access Control?

Any company that wants to protect inventory, intellectual property, special equipment, or personnel, needs an access control system.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • When employees quit or are terminated, does your company have to re-key?
  • Can keys be copied by employees for unauthorized personnel?
  • Can your buildings doors be secured if employees work flexible hours, nights, and weekend?
  • Is it important to you as an owner/manager to know who comes and goes? What times and days? when your business was opened, closed, and by whom?

What if I want to change my phone to DSL, VoIP, or Comcast?

If you change to DSL let us know so we can send you or come out and install a Z-blocker (DSL filter). It is not like what the phone company gives you. VoIP we need to come out and run new phone lines from the control box to the VoIP modem. Comcast needs to be rewired at the control box and tested.

What if I don't have phone lines at my house?

That's fine, we can offer a digital cell back up for the alarm to call out on just like a regular phone line.

Do you offer "Free" systems?

No! The truth is, there is no such thing as "free." If you look at the fine print neither is the competitors. You still have to pay an installation fee, have good credit and the monthly fee is outrages.

Is there a charge to update my information?

Under our Full Service Program, there are no charges for updates for the life of your DVD or until you cancel your service with us.

Does Action Security Systems, Inc. protect my entire house?

Action Security Systems, Inc. offers you the ability to tailor the system to your needs, whether it is to protect your entire house or selected rooms, you can choose the number of sensors to install. We have found that our basic package is more than sufficient for the average house, however if you wish to add extra protection, the system is completely adaptable to individual needs. Smoke detectors, wireless pendants, and a variety of other components are available to meet your needs.

Why should I trust Action Security Systems, Inc. over others?

Because Action Security Systems, Inc. has (for 30 years) provided high quality equipment and installations of security systems to the Middle Tennessee area for residential, commercial, industrial, and government institutions since 1977.

How is Action Security Systems, Inc. better than the others?

Other alarm systems do not provide an instant response; in fact, they make you wait in a queue once they receive your signal and then proceed to phone your house to determine if it is a false alarm. This procedure wastes valuable time and if your phone line has been cut they have no way of communicating with you.

Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured and licensed. We can provide copies upon request.

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