The number-one tool for crime prevention is having a security system. Security systems work for crime prevention because, more often than not, they scare burglars before they enter the home or business.

Read about real-life emergencies that happen every day in the lives of Americans just like you and how a Action Security Systems, Inc. not only increases crime prevention, but can also help keep your home and business safe.
I had to write and let you know that because of you, your great staff, and the surveillance equipment you installed for me, a thief was caught.

On the 10th of April, my back lot was broken into, and on the 11th of April, you installed my surveillance equipment. On the 14th of April, the lot was broken into again. This time, thanks to your fast work and equipment, the thief was caught on tape. John came to my shop and did still photos from the tape. 

The police were called and came by to take the report. They watched the tape and told me the tape was the clearest that they had seen. They were so impressed with the photos, they wanted copies to carry with them. On the 17th of April, the guy was arrested. He is in jail and awaiting trial. The police told me that, because of the clarity of the tape and the detailed photos, we made their job really easy.

Everyone should realize that your company provides a service that gives you peace of mind, helps deter crime, and provides a means of identifying thieves if they do break in.

The staff at Action Security Systems, Inc. are professionals. They are a unique  group that works together to provide the best possible protection available. Crime prevention should be a priority in everyone’s mind. I found out the hard way. Thank you and everyone at Action Security Systems, Inc. for the outstanding work that you do.

Diane Townsend
George Transmissions

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