Wireless Alarm Monitoring

Action Security Systems Inc. is proud to introduce the next generation of wireless alarm communications products using patented long-range wireless mesh technology.

No more monthly phone bills!

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 70% of deaths in home fires occur when there are no working smoke alarms inside.

ACT-NET uses an NFPA approved wireless radio technology to transmit the alarm signal, eliminating telephone lines entirely. If an alarm is triggered, the fire or police department is notified within seconds.

ACT-NET ensures super-fast, super-reliable alarm protection for your home or business.

Action Security Systems, Inc. is the exclusive ACT-NET dealer in Nashville.

The ACT-NET mesh network is the future of the alarm industry. It's simply the best security technology for fire and burglary alarms available. ACT-NET wireless alarm transmission is fast, safe and reliable alarm reporting.

Don’t trust your home or business to outdated alarm transmission systems that are slow, can fail, or can be rendered inoperative when they are needed most.

  • Faster communicating alarm signals under 5 seconds.
  • Reduce your operating budgets by eliminating monthly communication charges.
  • Secure elimination of dedicated phone lines or cellular services that are vulnerable to line cuts and weather conditions.
  • Remote transceiver used to monitor or control devices, such as an alarm panel.

Each transceiver relays its data to the central receiver via radio transmission. If the transceiver is too far to reach the central receiver directly, it simply hops the data to the next closest transceiver, and that transceiver relays it to the central receiver or to the next closest transceiver to the central receiver.

The central receiver relays the data to alarm automation software for processing. If data can not be relayed via one route, the mesh network automatically selects the next best route from a choice of up to 8 available routes at any given time. The network dynamically and automatically adapts to changes in the network caused by weather changes, obstruction changes, the addition or subtraction of other transceivers in the network, etc. so that it is highly redundant and reliable.

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